In his methods, Van Bemmelen is keen on maintaining the following issues:

  • Equality: ‘Nothing and no one needs to be fixed or treated. You already are the source of the “solution”’.
  • Coherence: ‘All aspects of your life are intertwined. A sense of fulfilment is not a moment in time, it is a balanced approach’.
  • The client’s interests always come first: ‘You set the agenda. We work together cooperatively to helping you achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions, based on your own view of your current situation as well as your future’.
  • Reflection: ‘No boxes to tick off, we just enter a process together, with no holds barred. Where needed, I may function as a mirror and confront you with your words and actions.’
  • Put your money where your mouth is: ‘We want specific, tangible results, agreements and necessary steps… and I will help you be accountable for them!’