Floriaan van Bemmelen is goal orientated. He focuses on achieving results collectively and cooperatively, never losing sight of the coherence, potential growth of staff and respect for the surroundings.

  • Focus on sustainable organisational growth: Assignment (1 year): facilitating the company’s growth.
  • Implement the programme, reorganise the acquisition team with more attention to quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Implementing commission driven staff performance.
De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar (Healthcare Insurance Company) director Healthcare a.i. (2012 – 2015). Responsible for the reorganization of the business unit (av. 70 Fte, € 700 budget), contracting hospital and primary care. Management of claim reduction with a total volume > € 1 billion. Innovation program ‘ Friesland Voorop’, realizing regional accessibility.
Resonandina: general director (2012 – 2015). Making MRI technology available, renting mobile MRI units in Bolivia and other South American countries. Organizing network of experts, development of business model, financial model and operational plan exploring the European market as well.
Multizorg VRZ: directie a.i.

programme manager health finance system change Concentrating on product structures, cost effectiveness, quality, indicators, liquidity, negotiations with health care insurers, procedures and nation-wide occurring complications.

responsible for optimisation of long-term data quality. Monitor mental healthcare (2009): facilitating expert meetings; coaching and various other internal projects within the board of directors.

Implementation new project structure, pilot of the technical system; connections to the hospitals; attune to the participating organisations in the community; increasing support of all parties concerned; optimisation of the process internally in the organisation.

Healthcare acquisition for a number of different medical facilities (1, 5 year); Strategic acquisition plan, with focus on quality and the goal of reduced claims ( 2 years); Analyse the impact of liberalisation on insurer; improving/optimising despatches and structure for formulating forecasts, reorganising existing team, premiums budget among specific issues.

Developing business case for outsourcing/tender of radiology and new business; contracts with health care insurers and hospitals.

Daily management and supervision of managerial staff, in particular the auxiliary departments; Focus on: business plan, overhead cost cutting, negotiations with insurers, addressing the problems in day-to-day functioning of a number of medical specialist staff, as well as with the cooperation with general practitioners in the community and other hospitals in the vicinity. Part of the decision making stages of the tender process of orthopaedics and rheumatology.

As a accountmanager responsible for the acquisition of care and claims reduction strategies. Part of developing team focused on the commercial strategy; member of the Dutch Healthcare authority Chamber. Other specific themes: implementing the appointment of practice nurses, financing and management of emergency care units, resolving GP shortage (through opening temporary practices).