Floriaan van Bemmelen is passionate about assisting people, teams and organisations to get back on track. 
When working with large teams or complex conflicts, he will often call in co-trainers. He addresses clients’ questions with both words and action, questions such as for instance:

  • How do I improve my work within the current dynamics of the organisation I work in, and as a colleague?
  • How do I realise new initiatives in the force field consisting of customers, company or organisation and government regulations.
  • How do I increase my personal impact, influence and effectiveness and re-ignite my career?
Bernhoven Hospital (Uden) (2012-2013): MD program in cooperation with the Academia Medical Specialists.
Individual coaching practice(2008-current): focussing on medical specialists and general practitioners. Also, more generally, managers/executives and professionals in any other field of expertise.

Individual coaching en re-integration routes, as well as guidance of entire medical care centres.

Training programmes for professionals geared towards the prevention of burnout

General hospitals: mediation, consultancy and guidance relative to amalgamation between the hospital and a private medical clinic as well as general day to day managerial running of the practice of a partnership of specialised surgeons.

Top clinical care hospital: Independent enquiry into the unsatisfactory functioning of partnership including consultancy towards new working methods geared toward withstanding the future set of circumstances Coaching and support of the (management) teams involved