Good listening skills, asking the right questions to penetrate the core of the issue, and then to work towards a solution in small, transparent steps. A brilliant vision still requires a broad support base.

  • Dashboard development to enable steering the organisation towards productivity
  • Creating a business scenario and offer guidance for the directions to take.

Long-term strategic planning; management analysis, logistics and market potential. Plan to improve cost-effectiveness. Cooperative health care partnerships, chain of care. Quality, positioning, taking in consideration the volatile political and financial context and circumstances

Business plan, implementing programmes for chain of care (chronic diseases like diabetesa, astma, cardiovascular, depression & anxiety); preparation of tenders.

Developing a prevention programme for kidney failures, in cooperation with Foundation ‘Healthy Kindney’

Developing additional services in breast cancer care.

portfolio-analysis and dynamic business planning (strategy choices); spearheads and and profitability; re-evaluation of medical professionals’ fees

Developing business plan for Kidneystone center; creating space for entrepreneurial initiatives; coaching during negotiations.

Designing the basic financial structure in regards to the role of GPs; negotiations with umbrella organisations and the government at all levels.